50,400  46,000

Haier 18LTF R410 Split AC (1.5 Ton)

A-PAM inverter technology is the upgrade of 180 sine wave inverter. it adopts additional momentum control to decrease the vibration in the low compressor frequency and also contribute to great power saving

By A-PAM DC inverter technology, it can give 66% power saving approx.
Haier air conditioner can continue to give cooling or heating air even when the temperature comes to 52 ℃ outside.

Wide voltage with the fluctuations between 175V-242V has a strong adaptability, whether, under the urban peak or insufficient power supply in remote areas, the unit is able to operate normally. Like cactus.
Common ones only resume normal operation under 220V or so, the machine would burn down if a voltage is too high, while too low voltage, it can not operate normally.