Movable Wireless Camera

by Emark


V380 Movable Wireless IP Camera (Double Antenna)

Main characteristics:
1 through wired / wireless network can connect, configure the device.
2 support for horizontal and vertical tilt, can freely control the viewing angle.
3 equipped with voice prompts sound wave configuration, add configuration quick and easy to understand.
4 through the mobile phone client connection device for two-way voice intercom, microphone and loudspeaker without additional configuration.
5. Support magnetometer device, bracelet equipment and external equipment a variety of alarm mode, as long as the equipment and alarm equipment binding can be through the mobile client to receive real-time alarm information, click on the message can check alarm pictures, video.
6 support HD / SD / smooth three clarity switch, ensure the smooth flow of the video.
7 maximum support 64G local storage, the longest can store about 15 days of video.
8 support MP4 format video files, can be directly open to play through a variety of mainstream players.
9 when the unexpected power again on the electricity, the device will automatically restart.
10 through the Android mobile phone /Windows PC /iOS client can connect the device real-time remote viewing.
11 daytime monitoring of the best distance is about 8 meters, can clearly see the face; night monitoring of the infrared distance of 10 meters.

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